Emotion and Metal: Photography Critique Images

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A few months ago the Photography Club of Beaufort (PCoB) held one of it’s regular critiques. Members had the photo assignment to pick two out of three words to convey in a photographic image and that it had to be presented in black and white. I selected emotion and metallic as my photo words (the third one, I believe, was solitary).  These first two images are the photographs that I entered into the critique and prints of these were hung in our annual photography show, which was at Beaufort Performing Arts, on the USCB campus.

Jackie,  in the first image, was the state high school pole vaulting champion. I met this fabulous young woman when I had the opportunity to photographer her a few months earlier for an editorial photography assignment for a local magazine. She was almost ready to get her braces taken off. The woman in the second image, Jessica, is the person who cuts and styles my hair and keeps my beard from looking too shaggy! She had recently gotten braces and didn’t really want to be photographed, until I explained the project. Jessica loved the idea and really got into the shoot.

I really liked many of the images in color better than black and white, especially showing Jackie’s red hair and Jessica’s clothing and make-up. Above, are the same images as the first two, but in color.

I have been a member of the PCoB since it’s beginning just about 10 years ago. It was an interesting way for me to connect with others in my community, since at the time, although I had lived in Beaufort, SC for years, I was commuting to my commercial photography studio in Savannah, GA every day and didn’t really know many people in Beaufort. The club has about 110 members and approximately 50-60 of those show up at each monthly meeting! It is a great mix of very beginning photographers, intermediate, and experienced amateurs,  and quite a few working professional photographers.

The rest of the images shown here are others that we made during our photography sessions that I happened to really like. I feel they really show the personalities of my two wonderful models. Let me know what you think of these!

  • Rich Matheny

    Great captures Paul. Love the interaction with the camera(photographer). Looks like a lot of fun was had.

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