Food Photography

Paul truly enjoys creating gorgeous photographs of food for just about any use. While there are many similarities, there are also a number of differences in food photography for different types of projects. Advertising for food or restaurants, editorial, lifestyle food images that include people – Paul does them all well. He’s also experienced with photography for food packaging and cookbooks.

Food Photo Gallery

Photos of Food Require Collaboration

Nurnberg loves to collaborate with all clients, including designers, chefs, as well as food photography stylists, on any of these kinds of photography shoots. Beautiful photos of food require good communication between everyone involved. Paul quickly understands the type of shot you are looking for and is easy to work with.

Food Photography in the Studio or on Location

With years of experience, Paul knows the tricks and techniques of lighting and styling to make any food look beautiful. In a restaurant, his studio, hotel ballroom or almost any other location, Nurnberg Photography can create food and beverage images that will make your, as well as your customer’s, mouths water.