Exterior Architechture photograpy of swimming pool

Architectural Photography

Inspired images for amazing spaces and places – Nurnberg Photography specializes in exterior and interior architectural photography. Either on the ground or from the sky, Paul is able to find the best angle to capture a unique image.

Architectural Photo Gallery

Interior Architectural Photography

Paul often partners with interior designers and architects, builders as well as homeowners to create beautiful interior architectural photographs. Natural light, low lighting, nighttime – anytime.  We utilize the combination of natural as well as supplemental lighting to create the best possible images. We make sure that your interior spaces look as good in pictures as they do in life.

Exterior Architectural Photography

 Of course, capturing the beauty of a building exterior is a very important part of professional architectural photography. Paul has lots of experience to get the best shot. We photograph small homes, large industrial facilities and hotels as well as any other structure. Photographing from the ground, ladder, bucket truck or lift, we will collaborate with you to find the perfect location, best angle, time of day and lighting to make your beautiful building look its best in a photograph.

Aerial Architectural Photography

Paul is also at home photographing your property from a fixed wing airplane, helicopter, or as an FAA Part 107 certified UAVs (drone) pilot. Paul Nurnberg is ready to fly. After talking with you and discussing needs for the photography, we’ll determine the best solution for the aerial photography project. Paul can then scout the location, coordinate with property owners, FAA if needed, and navigate all logistical hurdles necessary so that you will to get the best images.