Location Photography

Paul loves photography on location! By air, land or sea, he goes wherever the assignment requires. From an aircraft cockpit to the kitchen of an internationally known chef, there are few places Nurnberg hasn’t photographed. Whether he is climbing up the pilot’s ladder to board a cargo ship at sea, perched in an aerial lift, leaning from a helicopter (with he and his equipment strapped in safely of course) or barefoot on a sandbar miles from shore; Paul is equipped, prepared and ready to take on any location photography assignment. 

Nurnberg is home in large industrial facilities and beautiful homes, and all locations in between. Paul and his team frequently visit: Savannah, GA, Hilton Head Island, SC, and Charleston, SC, but will travel anywhere. For personal travel he has recently been to the Canadian Rockies, Cuba, India as well as Montana! Paul has a passport and is ready to go.

Paul Nurnberg on Location

Our most frequently requested locations:

Savannah, GA

Hilton Head Island, SC

Charleston, SC

and of course,

Beaufort, SC