Hipstomatic Photography with my iPad

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I haven’t taken pictures using the Hipstomatic photography app in quite a while. I had some free time this morning while visiting Phoenix, AZ. So, I started wandering around the convention center taking pictures with my “real” camera, a Canon 5D Mark 3. While photographing with that I decided to try something a little different and pulled out my iPad and began to use the  Here are a fewHipstomatic   images I made today.

Light Fixture 1 Light Fixture 2

With the Hipstomatic Photography app you choose a lens and film (all digital of course) and you are never quite sure exactly what the images will look like. Sometimes they are very different from each other and sometimes the differences are very small from one image to the next.

Flag 1

It can be very entertains just reading the descriptions of the various lens and films.

Flag 2, black and white

Some of the digital film is color and some is black and white.


Phoenix street view

Photographing with Hipstomatic on escalator:

Escolator 1  Going Down? Escalator 2. Going Up? View from Convention Center 1 View from Convention Center 2 Black and White


Convention Center Ceiling  with Blanko Lens and Florence film Convention Center Exterior with Blanko Lens and Florence film

This was a fun exercize this morning.  I’ll do more with this photography and post more images.

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