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I do quite a bit of photography for a local publication called Beaufort Lifestyle Magazine. The current issue, June/July 2016 has many of my images in it, in particular the cover story on a fantastic woman named Brooke Plank Buccola.  I was really happy to get the photo assignment to photograph Brooke, since we have been friends for several years. We first met when she and her parents opened a great restaurant, called Smokin’ Planks just a block from my studio in Port Royal, SC. I quickly fell in love with the smoked fish and seafood that Larry, Nancy and Brooke Plank were cooking up.

The images at the above were taken at the Garden City terminal of the Georgia Ports Authority. Brooke’s earlier career had her working on very large ships after she graduated from the US Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point, NY. Unfortunately we were a bit limited by time and location at that site because the terminal was unexpectedly busy! However we still managed to make some great images. Getting access to the port to do the photographs is not the easiest and I thank the writer of the article, Mary Ellen Thompson for arranging that and Robert Morris at the GPA for getting us in and escorting us ( as well as giving us a great education on the GPA operations).

Brooke is a fun person to be around and was a great sport as we did the various photography sessions. Even though we had a time constraint, we managed to photograph ina few different photography locations. One at the port, one in my studio where we include pictures of Brooke with a sextant that she had to learn to use for navigation in school and some of her in her SCUBA gear at a nearby beach. Brooke is a pretty amazing woman that I am happy to call my friend. To see and read the article, go here:
And, if you love great smoked and barbecued food, including some amazing smoked fish and seafood (and the best shrimp burger anywhere) you should go the her restaurant if you are in the low country.

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